A Year at Product Based Company as Full Stack Dev

A Year at Product Based Company as Full Stack Dev


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First things first, Start your IT career with growing company or startup. I started as Full Stack Developer at Keka HR. Its been one whole year and it feels like i joined yesterday. However, knowledge gap and solution providing strategies improvised in me at an unrealistic level. It made me to built a SAAS product on my own ( more on that in later articles ) Gif description

The JOB 💼

My day to day schedule would filled with coding and meetings with Product team on how we can make things better for User Experience and some part of day would be just finding that error on line 456 even though file has only 200 lines of code.

However, I focus on one common goal to achieve in my day in and day out, which is to make the product i am building to be awesome, be that a product enhancement, be that performance optimisation, be that feature development. I can only go to bed every day, if I feel, I have sharpen the saw for the day. In End, I’ll take responsibility of Feature Development to Deployment with no hassle.


As a Full Stack Developer, I have to implement the new features in the existing products with plausible level of optimisation within reasonable deadline. In order to achieve both of them, i always try to break down the tasks like How to implement UI, BackEnd, Database part. In Notion or OneNote, btw, these are only for my reference, i create work items in Azure DevOps on hierarchy level for sake of Agile Model and for stalkers who wants know on what i am working(just kidding!). We are growing rapidly these days and our Internal system of the way we work is also changing from creating proper user stories to closing them before they deployed to Production.


  • Get your goddamn code reviewed by your peers before you send it to actually approver.
  • Say what you did and how you did it to your Quality Assurance(Testers) when you implement or fix something (trust me, you will thank me later)
  • Don’t try to replicate the code, try to implement it from existing one.
  • Code without testing is like vehicle without fuel. We never know, if its going to work or not.
  • Rebuilding same code may fix the bug.


i am not talking about salary or benefits to employee. There is more to that, freedom to work, a place to share your own ideas and inputs to making a great product, people who i call them a second family. That’s what my company exactly been to me.

Keka HR gave me a great platform to share my ideas and different perspectives to the table. When you are in big corporate company, its so little you can do to help other than from your assigned task. However, rapidly growing companys like keka can give an opportunity to be involved in that environment and make you feel like noticed.


When you join in any organisation, they will assign a role to you with particular title. But what we don’t realise that the title is only meant to recognise not to limit us. I been assigned as Full Stack Developer, it means developing projects from UI to BackEnd. However, It doesn’t mean you have to be in that arena only, Discuss with Product team why we are build this and in what ways it will help the user.

Answering the questions might help you to get into the job, but questioning the things will only take you furthermore.

So, that’s exactly what i did and considered as my role in the organisation. Believe or not, that’s actually helped to be more involved in work than ever.

Hope you have some takeaways from things i mentioned, And have a great day.

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