Work-Personal Life Balancing?

Work-Personal Life Balancing?


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Balancing, most people refer it as theory where if we manage to satisfy the couple of things / persons / activities we want to do.

But its easier said than done, Cause i am facing this issue in recent times and i came over it with some small tweaks in my life. Now, i am feeling more alive than ever. So, Today i want to share about it with you guys.

Balancing, what?

Recently, I faced My Work life and Personal life Imbalance. Although, i was working only for a year now. I observed a lot of things changed in me like spending less time in reading blogs, following or writing them. Or working on some cool side project to show off in my portfolio. When i was in college, i had a lot of spare time(Personal life) and some of that time i use to spend creating some cool arts in Figma or watching some tv series.

Since, I'm not representing personal life as Family. Cause, most people of my age do stuff what they want to do instead of spending time with family, at-least most of them come under this category.

Balancing, really!

As i said in the beginning, Balancing is a theory where if we manage to satisfy the couple of things / persons / activities we want to do. So in my case, it is Work Life and Personal Life.

My work life would be the Work related things like working on the task assigned by manager or learning something work related.

My Personal Life would be the watching Tv Series, Reading Articles or writing own articles and spending time on the social media like Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn sometimes.

In the Beginning days of my work. I wasn't a fully involved in it. But as time passes, work and responsibility has been increasing week by week. To cop up with that, i had to seek more and had to work done more. With that reason, i was not able to do what i use to do in the college.

Due to covid, work culture has been changed from work from One place to work from Any place.

And i missed chance of working with team closely, cause my work life began in the mid COVID ๐Ÿค’.

To be honest, this gave us advantages and disadvantages. like we can do our work, when we feel like to do as an advantage but in long term its becoming disadvantage to us, like there is no ending time for work in a day. And also I get this imposter syndrome that we never get feeling like we are done for the day.

Balancing Equation (Not Exactly, though๐Ÿ™!)

So, Now i observed that i am not satisfied with my life. I Started working on the development of habits like Morning Walk, Meditation. Reading Articles whenever i had time in between my work like the time where we run our code builds for ages to check our changes has reflected or not!

And also i started having end time in a day for work. After that end time mostly, i will ignore the work related stuff, instead i spend time with my family or go for a walk with AirPods in My ears by playing fav playlist from Spotify.

Put a Highlight of the Day, I generally make a Highlight of the day, like if i get that thing done on that day, then i am done for the day. This helped me a lot in terms of work satisfaction. Once i am done with that particular task, i just go with flow for rest of the day. Cause, The Toughest part was done for the day.

Thanks for Reading, Hope you like it. Plz let me know by comments ๐Ÿ‘‡.