Web Dev's 2021 Rewind

Web Dev's 2021 Rewind

I know it’s been rough year for all of us, but as Developer who followed the bandwagon so called Data Science in college, ended up falling in love with Web Development after getting job in it, which i never thought, i would do. I wanna share my 2021 Rewind today with you.

My First Online Revenue 🤑


I see lot of people earning money online and feeling so excited. And I just caught up with that feeling when i earned $30 from Blinkist for small contribution i made to their Organisation. That is only the beginning, I have some side projects in works which could lead to some sort passive income in near future, More updates on this later this year. But as saying goes

Taking the First Step🦶 is the Hardest thing to Achieve Million things

Converted to Full Time Employee 💼

image.png I got myself a full time employee in the same organisation(KEKA Inc) where i am doing internship from past 10 months. Let me tell you something, It wasn’t easy. Being able to learn something you never imagined you would, is complex than you think. But its worth a shot, Now i am happy with skills i gained through out this year and in this organisation. I am more excited what brings this New year.

Achieved 15,000 views of my Articles across all Platforms 👀

While, most of my daily life is filled with work. I gave myself some time off from work to write down my thoughts and share it world. As a saying goes

Your knowledge is valuable only when you share with others

And that sharing reached almost 15000 views this year, which is overwhelming 🤯 for me. This kind of achievements pushes me to give my best content, out to the world. Once again, Thank you everyone for reading my content.

Tried and Failed in Mobile Development 📱

Well, I thought at least this year should be the one where i learn Mobile Development. So i did and it did not turned out well. I am not blaming any mobile development, it just the limitation and developer experience that did not satisfied me. It gave me thought how much we can done by Web Development and cross platform. So, i dropped off from Mobile Development.

Got Another Job Offer ➡️ 💼

Yes, Another Door bell 🔔 ring of Opportunity, got another job offer with much higher package and company is working with latest technology. But after going through long thoughts and discussions within myself, i asked myself “Do i need this new job?”, “Is there any need to change my job?” at that moment. I found myself with answer: No

At the End of the Day, all you need is job with work satisfaction and fair income (to live basic life). I am happy in both of these categories. So, I refused the offer.

Anyways, Everything is happens for the best!

Tools, Tech I discovered 🛠️

  • VERCEL - easy deployment service, Especially for react and NextJS apps → Reference
  • Importance of CI / CD pipelines and How it makes developers life so smooth → Reference
  • Tailwind CSS made my css styling life lot more productive, with its all features and latest feature JIT (Just In Time Complier) → Reference

Thank-You Note ✍️

At last but not least, i want to write some thank you note to somethings i am thankful this year. Gif ✍🏻 : Thank you Git, for tracking my miserable file changes and commits.

✍🏻 : Thank you Youtube, for being my virtual tutor always

✍🏻 : Thank you StackOverflow, for being the first to show (on google search) with the fix to the issue although most of us haven’t seen your face (Home page) yet! 🤣

✍🏻 : Thank you Family and Friends. for being there for me when i am in sad, in need, in happy.

✍🏻 : Thank you Dev Community, for always creating such an amazing content and sharing your knowledge

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That's all for this year! Signing off for now, it's your neighbourhood coding friend MaheshtheDev