Resignation is Not Good, But Change is..

Resignation is Not Good, But Change is..

I strongly believe, 20’s are all about experiments

I mean 20 - 30 Age is to try out all the things you like and try to succeed, After that you can think about settling down on one career or one company.

TL;DR → I am leaving my Full Stack Developer Job for my next chapter.

Now let's dig into why I am leaving and whether is this the hardest thing that I had to do.


Everyone has this notion about resignation, It’s a piece of statement you give to your boss or mail (entitled “Resignation”) that you just hit enter to the HR team.

We are not just signing off papers and returning our laptops to Company on Resignation. What we have to realize is that Learning challenges will stop hitting our inboxes and great colleague with extensive knowledge will be set apart from us.

We have to risk all of this for Resignation. Well, Is this all worth it to leave the Job that I love, I am not sure. But I am ready to take the odds. Ready to explore other opportunities and learnings. Believe me, this is the Hardest thing that I had to do to myself for my self-evolving. However,

My Work taught me, How to Work for Myself

Saying Goodbye and TakeAways

Learnings are Infinity, Challenges faced UnCountable and team support is unimaginable. I sounded like a poet bit there 😜.

My biggest takeaway is, Everyone has their own perspective, when a group of people working on one Product, every POV is critical to project development. Business Problems are hard to solve and important to find the right solution, for that Research and Record is Crucial.

Goodbyes are always harder than you think. As much as I hate to admit it about my leaving, I deeply needed a change in my work profession environment.

So this is Bye bye for sake of good.

Next Chapter ??

Well, I am excited and a bit scared at the same time. I am excited about the future which looks unpredictable and a bit scared of moving out of my comfort zone. As I said earlier, the ’20s are all about experiments. So, I am gonna try out a list of things I have in mind. Fun fact, Writing is one of them. Recently, I met an aspiring person who has this cool and innovative idea, needs someone to take care of the project at a technical level, and he found my projects and we are in talks to take the next big step. In Addition to that, I am ready to connect with more people openly than ever to build social connections apart from liking and sharing each other posts.

All in all, Taking a step back from the Work Profession and going back to regular Learning mode for a bit. I can’t wait for new lessons and challenges that are made for me in my next chapter.

Until Next time, This is your MaheshtheDev signing off!

thank you