How to Learn Any Programming Language(2021)

How to Learn Any Programming Language(2021)

Learning Programming Language might seems as hard as it sounds. But in reality, It’s just a Language used for communication between Humans and Electronic Devices.

Compared to Humans Communication languages, Programming Languages have bit more rules, vocabulary/syntax, and Structured pattern.

In this Article, I will discuss about 5 steps, I follow when I’m learning New Programming Language and Highly recommend you to Follow if you fall on to this category.


  1. Learn Basics of Programming Language(if you’re Newbie)

  2. Take a look on Language Documentation briefly

  3. Gather best resources like websites, YouTube channels, blogs for your learning programming language

  4. Ask your queries in Language online community like Stack Overflow

  5. Consume and Create. I mean learn stuff and share with it world in a way you understand it

That’s our Outline. Let’s Deep Dive Now!

1 . Learn Basics( For Newbie)

It’s important to know the basics before you dive to the language and crunch their functionalities. Go through the Basics of Programming languages.

If you don’t know where to Start. Feel free to start here → Link

2 . Take a look at the Documentation

Hardest thing and Best thing to do is Reading Documentation. I’m not saying go for line to line. Just go Heading to Heading, you will get to know what do we have in this Language. Later on, you can check the all things in Documentation did you got the concept/ usage of it(after learning language from different resources).

3 . Gather Resources

First thing you need to do when you’re not into Documentation is Figuring out “From where you gonna Learn this Language?”.

Search for Best Resources/ YouTube Channel / Medium publication to Learn Some X Language. Or you can directly search “X Language Beginners Tutorial”, your google feed will be filled with Suggestions

Go through some videos and you will get an idea whom to follow or which resources will teach the best

4 . Follow and Ask Communities

Back in Days, When you have query/Doubt, you go to physical library or Visit Teacher for Doubt session.

Lucky for you, Internet brought you everything in your Figure Tips. They’re Some Great Communities where you can raise your query and get the solution within No Time.

Join in Language Communities like Stack Overflow, Language Subreddit, Follow the Developers who are experienced in the Language

5 . Consume and Create

I’m pretty sure your here to Consume the Content. But Most People failed to share their Learning experience to World.

What I suggest is Share what you learned to World.

If it is small, share it with Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit Dev Community

If it is Good amount of info to Make Article, don’t hesitate to put out your first article on your new learnings

If it is more than that, Write a Book about all things you learn.

“Everything is Created, after Learning/ understanding it” — Anonymous Dev

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That’s it, Hope you enjoy and Learned something new. This is Your MaheshtheDev. Signing Off for Now!